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You can design apps with Flutter for iOS and Android, giving you the power to rule the app market. Devstree offers inexpensive Flutter mobile app development services to help you create the app of your dreams.

Development of Flutter Mobile Apps in Sweden!

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework that supports both Android and iOS applications. It was developed by Google and is the primary approach for developing applications for Google Fuchsia.

Flutter is a full-featured and reactive hybrid framework that includes tools for a variety of operations such as the creation and deployment of UI with animations and a single codebase. This is also compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Dedicated Flutter app developers may ensure your app’s dependability and resourcefulness.

Hire a Flutter Mobile App Developer at Devstree!

Because of its hybrid framework and user-friendly UI, several top organisations have chosen Flutter for app development. You can hire a Flutter mobile app programmer from us who will use their clever programming skills and development tools to create the greatest application for you.

Native code, such as Android NDK, LLVM, and AOT, is used by our developers. All release codes are compiled using this, which eliminates the need for an interpreter. This effective and inventive method of working results in rapid code delivery. Furthermore, your programme can be integrated into both Android and iOS, with great performance and dependable security.


Our Flutter App Services are available at Devstree!

We are able to deliver enhanced a wide range of interactive services using Flutter technology and our dedicated Flutter app developers


Tooling Android Studio


Easy documentation


Tooling Visual Studio Code


Bug fixing


Windows development


Improving engine performance


Firebase APIs support


Supporting Ads, videos, charts

Select the Right Engagement Model

Devstree Offers Flexible Hiring Models to Hire iPhone App Developers Team or Resource.

Hourly Basis

  • Working Hours: 8 hours/day
  • Progress Reports: Daily
  • Communication: Skype, Email, Slack, Google meet & Teams
  • Billing: Weekly
  • Minimum Hiring Period: Minimum 25 hours

Weekly Basis

  • Working Hours: 8 hours/day
  • Progress Reports:Bandwidth
  • Communication Storage
  • Billing: Weekly
  • Minimum Hiring Period:1 Month

Monthly Basis

  • Working Hours: 8 hours/day
  • Progress Reports:Weekly
  • Communication Skype, Email, Slack, Google meet & Teams
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Minimum Hiring Period:3 Month

Benefits of Hiring a Flutter Mobile Apps Programmer at Devstree!

Hire a Flutter mobile app developer from our organisation and start enjoying the benefits of Flutter cross-platform development listed below; let’s take a look at the advantages our IT development services can provide


Signed NDA-Security for All Clients

If you want to safeguard the idea of your software, we can get your application signed and approved by NDA.

Widget Creation Customization Experts

We can provide you with customized widgets that meet your needs thanks to the experience of our skilled developers.

OS Single Coding Technology

There is no need to create different codes for iOS and Android; we use a single code for both.

Quick Coding Method at Reasonable Prices

With the hot reload capability, our developers can update code and see the results in real time without having to restart the build process, resulting in faster debugging and repairing.

Free Estimates and a Pleasant Experience

We provide free quotes or quotations to help you reach out to prospective customers, as well as current technologies to ensure a smooth experience.

Testing and delivery are completed on time

Our developers can test both development platforms simultaneously with the Flutter App, resulting in timely testing and application delivery.

Why Work with Us

Principles of Our Work

Skilled Flutter developers work on a variety of projects at Devstree. Devstree’s dedicated team works hard and meticulously to provide our clients with the precise results they require. We provide your project with our full attention and complete it on time because the job is project-based.


Requirements Gathering


Define Resource & Team Based on the Requirements


Interview & Screening Process


Sign off & Begin Work

Our Flutter Mobile App Developers’ Skill Set!

The company is well-known for its speedy application development team, ease of programming, and native-driven performance

Frequently Asked Questions

What programming language is used in Flutter?

In Flutter Flutter, Dart programing language can be employed to build an app. Dart is a more advanced programming language that is easy to master and utilize.

What is the time takes to develop an Flutter Application?

There is no specific timeframe for each project as it’s entirely dependent on the size and. Based on the scale and complexity, the customization, integration features, and functions that you require for your app An Flutter app development project can take between 3 to 8 weeks to finish.

Are Flutter developers in demand?

Flutter developer is currently in requirement as many companies want to build cross-platform apps using Flutter. Flutter is a great solution for mobile app development since it can be built quickly. Additionally, it can be used as an MVP which is ideal for businesses seeking investors from top firms. The platform helps developers save hours of programming because it offers ready-to-go applications, this is because Flutter is a mix with react and cross-platform.

Why should you select Flutter as your application development platform?

With a myriad of options, Flutter’s cross-platform compatibility and hot-reload feature sets Flutter apart from the rest and is a huge benefit to developers. Flutter’s SDK library lets developers implement massive widget customizations built around specific business needs

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